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A third of the way through the latest man-vs.-machine poker tournament, the A.I. system is winning handily.

Opteron A1100

At CES, AMD launched its first Zen chips for PCs, called Ryzen. Next on deck is the 32-core server chip code-named Naples, which will ship in the coming months.

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Fraud attempts on digital retail sales jumped 31% from Thanksgiving to Dec. 31 over the previous year, according to a survey of purchasing data from ACI Worldwide.

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Facebook paid a $40,000 reward to a researcher after he warned the company that its servers were vulnerable to an exploit that had been known for months.

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The U.S. government says Oracle routinely and systemically pays white men more than women and minorities, and that it favors Asian candidates over others in product development and technical roles.

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A cloud of 3D-printed drones big enough to bring down the latest U.S. stealth fighter, the F35, was just one of the combat scenarios evoked in a discussion of the future of warfare at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.


Apple MacBook Pro

The magazine last week gave Apple’s latest MacBook Pro laptops its envied “Recommended” label after retesting the notebooks.


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Oracle released its first batch of security patches this year fixing 270 vulnerabilities, mostly in business-critical applications.


Malware Goes Mobile: What You Need to Know About This Money-Making Racket

Malware Goes Mobile: What You Need to Know About This Money-Making Racket

If you’re still unsure about whether mobile malware deserves your attention, you need only look to the market for these exploits and how it’s growing rapidly.

Trump Inauguration rehearsal

Users can access the map wirelessly with smartphones and tablets.


Smartphone Bezels

No bezels? No thanks

Sorry to rain on the futuristic parade, but despite what device-makers are about to tell you, bezel-free smartphones aren’t all flowers and sunshine.

Windows 10 VR

Microsoft is betting that less is more in 3D design, with the acquisition of the Swedish developer of a 3D data optimization system, Simplygon.



Russia extends Snowden’s asylum to 2020 instead of ‘gifting’ him to Trump

Russia extends Edward Snowden’s residence permit to 2020 instead of ‘gifting’ him to Trump for inauguration.

New Fab2 at Toshiba Yokkaichi Operations

Toshiba considers spinning off its memory business

Toshiba said it is may split off its memory business into a separate company but added that nothing had been finalized at this point.

eprom microchip supermacro

Researchers create memory chips that store and process data

Computer scientists in Singapore and Germany have collaborated to create a resistive RAM chip that not only stores data but can act as a computer processor.

HP HPE media gallery image 5

HPE to buy SimpliVity for $650M to boost hyperconvergence

HPE has agreed to buy SimpliVity for $650 million as it expands its hyperconverged offerings, and analysts say it’s a great deal.

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